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DIY Succulent Terrarium: First Attempt- Project 2☑️

Hello all!
So these past few days I’ve been looking into something called Terrariums. Which is somewhat of a mini indoor greenhouse:) So I decided to make it one of my projects. So project 2, Done! Out of all the posts I’ve seen about DIY Terrariums, this one is the best. The tips are helpful and she explains why you should do things. Ex.

“Tip#2 Don’t skip the charcoal step. It will keep your soil fresh.

Now, following her instructions, this is how mine turned out 🙂

I got the jar from Michaels for about $6, along with the black stones.
I got the Panta Plant (small one-$3) and the Rainbow Cactus ($5) from Meijer in the floral department along with the Cactus soil ($4). The active charcoal was harder to find as the only form they had it in was pill form($8). That was the most expensive thing though so that was okay. I also got a smaller jar and rocks from the dollar store (not pictured).
Step 1:Put stones in jar (about 1inch high, for drainage)

Step 2: Put charcoal on rocks. Now for this step, it got extremely tricky. The charcoal only came in capsule form so I had to break each capsule of pure charcoal powder. Needless to say it got messy. I used 9 capsules.



Step 3: Put in dirt. Now this step got messy and I didn’t want to touch my camera so here’s the finished product! I ended up using the other jar due to the plants not fitting together.


A big thanks to her and to the many other bloggers who have shared their knowledge.

Hope you enjoyed!

Xoxo K


Project one of four:☑️

Hello all!!!
So today, I finished one of the projects I discussed in my previous post. Here’s my painted vase!

I used these acrylic paints to do it. Just a little at first.

Then I put it upside down to dry.

It came out very nice I think😁👏
Hope you enjoyed!

Xoxo K

DIY Project Challenge. 4 Projects in 1 Month!

Hello everyone!!
So today I woke up and, with the knowledge and excitement still flowing inside me from yesterday’s day trip to Dayton, OH. I decided that I was going to repurpose a few things that I’ve been packing away for the move!
So I created a challenge: Go on Pinterest and pick four projects you’ve been wanting to do. Three easy ones and a fourth more difficult one. Make a list of all supplies needed, save pictures of the tutorials and websites and complete all projects(even if it doesn’t turn out right) and post evidence of them on any social media sight (blogs included).
So I’ll show you mine 🙂
Painted Mason Jars/Vases


Apple Canvas Painting (For the kitchen)

End of the bed Bench with storage.






4.Worktable that folds into a picture frame.
Tutorial Here


For the first three projects I have a few of the supplies needed. So here’s my summarized list:
-canvas (any size)
-acrylic paint
-staple gun

Throughout this next month I will be periodically posting my progress😁

Hope you enjoyed!

Xoxo K

Incredible DIY

Hello😀 So I found this incredible project on Facebook and I just needed to share with you how amazing this guy did making this. He had no prior experience and, through trial and error, he made something amazing. Here you go!

He didn’t have any experience, but this man had the courage and willpower to build something with his bare hands instead of settling for “buying” what he wanted. He settled on building a small, pull-behind camping trailer. It took nearly two months (and a LOT of guesswork) but the final result is cool. You can’t tell an amateur built it.

He began by purchasing a small trailer.

Then he built it literally from the ground-up, adding a floor so he could install insulation.
The sides were cut out, not for the frames.
He wasn’t sure how to properly build a frame, so he just started adding wood around the walls.
Then, winged adding frames for the doors.
Added the curved pieces to the frame
Began adding the electrical wiring (once again with no experience)
Then, it was time for more insulation.
Adding the roof support.
Then, cutting into the new roof to make space for the vent fan.
(For no experience, this sure is coming together really well.)
Adding the doors.
20140712-003510-2110637.jpgThis is the kitchen that would be located in the hatchback
Onto adding exterior insulation
20140712-091155-33115982.jpgAdding the curved plywood was a long and arduous process.
Attempting to build a frame for the hatchback took multiple tries.20140712-091325-33205458.jpg
Although the kitchen came together nicely.
20140712-091406-33246877.jpgHe chose aluminum for the siding.
20140712-091503-33303056.jpgLooking good so far!
After staining the inside and adding some personal touches (like the cell phone/night light holder).20140712-091629-33389080.jpgAdding the aluminum to the curved bits.
20140712-091706-33426438.jpgBut the last frame he built for the hatchback broke (like the others).
20140712-091800-33480865.jpgIt took some ingenuity (and online research) but he found a way to support the beam.
20140712-091837-33517785.jpgAnd thus, the hatchback kitchen was ready!
All done!20140712-091946-33586005.jpg

Hope you enjoyed!

Xoxo K

Bonding with your Significant Other

Hello everyone!

Tonight I wanted to discuss spending time with your significant other.
Studies show that happier couples often engage in bonding time. Little activities to do together. Here are a few things you can do to spend more quality time with the one you love:

-have a show
-makeup tag
-taking pictures
-visit a museum
-watch a movie

My boyfriend and I spent our night watching television, listening to music, eating and my favorite part, mint masking! 💁

Hope you enjoyed!

Xoxo K

Scrapbooking-SMASH Booking (Loads of pictures!)

Hello all! So today, I’d like to share with you my favorite hobby. Scrapbooking. It’s been going on for about two years or so. About the same time that my boyfriend and i got together. Coincidental? Fate? I have no idea.. but it just so happens that the first book I started and finished was one about him and I. Specifically, the books I use for my hobby are known as SMASH Books.  These books are genius! And so stylish. They appeal to younger ages (late teens) and young adults. But also to older ages as well, so it makes it more fun! And when I go to Joann Fabrics and Michaels, I always get shocked/pleasant looks from the older women in the scrapbook aisle😬.
So since I started smashing/scrapbooking I’ve purchased 14 of these books. Looky here:

20140711-221915-80355805.jpg Those are just the ones I have color coordinated and shelved. One I made for my sister last Christmas, made her tear up a little 😁. Anyway, I’ve completed three of them already. (Red Doodle for family, Cutsey Purple for my relationship-book one-,and the Retro Blue for my relationship-book two-

My books are my greatest passion among many. They allow me to look back on all of the good times I’ve had with those I hold dear to me. They showcase other passions of mine including photography, art, and writing. They are a reflection of myself, my feelings, my love for those that become part of my books. I love them. So I’d like to share a few pages of my first one ever.



This book I started when he and I first got together, and it stretched to our 6 month anniversary. The second one is right after that until our one year. The third one (still being worked on) will be finished by our year and a half. I plan to continue the books in 6 month increments. They’re perfect. 😊

I will be posting the second book in a few days (or tomorrow!)

Hope you enjoyed!

Xoxo K

Dating Bucketlist

So today, I thought that I’d share with you some of the things I wish to achieve and experience in my relationship. But first, let me tell you a little about my relationship.

His name is Thomas, we’ve been together for about a year and a half and, although some people disagree, I am in the perfect place. He’s my best friend. We met in high school, 2010, my freshman year. I heard his name a lot, but no one seemed to know a great deal about him. So I forgot about him. The next year I was walking through the library in the center of our school when I saw him sitting in a chair. For some reason, he caught my attention. I found myself staring. And when I realized that he noticed, I continued. Assuming I weirded him out, I didn’t approach him. And again, I forgot about him. Fast forward a year or so and I’m starting my first job at a local McDonald’s. He worked there too. So naturally we attracted each other and became friends. Some time after, I realized that I liked him more than a friend. So we hung out more. Then, one day, we got comfortable with each other and started dating. I had no idea what I was getting into. After months of trial and error, all the things that could have torn us apart. We came out strong, and together. And now we’re moving states together! Which begins my bucketlist.

-move in together
-go bowling
-mini golf
-get engaged
-adopt a pet
-visit a haunted house
-go on a picnic
-spend the day in photo booths
-bake together
-attend a fair or festival together
-go boating
-take a kick boxing class together
-go to an aquarium
-write a book together
-make a song together
-take a train to Chicago
-fly together
-go BASE jumping together
-see the Eiffel Tower
-ride a Ferris wheel
-take dancing lessons
-take a college course together (ex.sign language)
-go on a photo shoot
-go camping
-go to Home Depot and make something for the house!
-go hiking
-game night with Chinese take out and an old movie
-get manicures and pedicures
-go to a planetarium

Hope you enjoyed!

Xoxo K

Aries Daily Horoscope

Via this app

Thursday Jul 10 2014

If all seems lost now, Aries, it is only because you have gotten used to a certain situation and a related state of mind. You have been through the mill in at least one important area of your life – and it has affected you profoundly and deeply. But even though it may seem that the downward trend will continue, it will not. You are not caught up in a whirlwind of despair and trouble. No, the force is with you, despite the fact that it may appear otherwise. Have hope, and be brave. Your life is about to get dramatically better.

Sign main characteristics:

Aries people need to keep physically busy. They accomplish many things simply because of their restless energy. They need to learn how to make constructive use of their energetic efforts. The typical Aries urge is to take on more than can be done reasonably well. Though others may find it difficult to keep pace with an Aries, they are attracted to their animation and spirited personality.

Well, hopefully this is true!

Hope you enjoyed!

Xoxo K