Incredible DIY

Hello😀 So I found this incredible project on Facebook and I just needed to share with you how amazing this guy did making this. He had no prior experience and, through trial and error, he made something amazing. Here you go!

He didn’t have any experience, but this man had the courage and willpower to build something with his bare hands instead of settling for “buying” what he wanted. He settled on building a small, pull-behind camping trailer. It took nearly two months (and a LOT of guesswork) but the final result is cool. You can’t tell an amateur built it.

He began by purchasing a small trailer.

Then he built it literally from the ground-up, adding a floor so he could install insulation.
The sides were cut out, not for the frames.
He wasn’t sure how to properly build a frame, so he just started adding wood around the walls.
Then, winged adding frames for the doors.
Added the curved pieces to the frame
Began adding the electrical wiring (once again with no experience)
Then, it was time for more insulation.
Adding the roof support.
Then, cutting into the new roof to make space for the vent fan.
(For no experience, this sure is coming together really well.)
Adding the doors.
20140712-003510-2110637.jpgThis is the kitchen that would be located in the hatchback
Onto adding exterior insulation
20140712-091155-33115982.jpgAdding the curved plywood was a long and arduous process.
Attempting to build a frame for the hatchback took multiple tries.20140712-091325-33205458.jpg
Although the kitchen came together nicely.
20140712-091406-33246877.jpgHe chose aluminum for the siding.
20140712-091503-33303056.jpgLooking good so far!
After staining the inside and adding some personal touches (like the cell phone/night light holder).20140712-091629-33389080.jpgAdding the aluminum to the curved bits.
20140712-091706-33426438.jpgBut the last frame he built for the hatchback broke (like the others).
20140712-091800-33480865.jpgIt took some ingenuity (and online research) but he found a way to support the beam.
20140712-091837-33517785.jpgAnd thus, the hatchback kitchen was ready!
All done!20140712-091946-33586005.jpg

Hope you enjoyed!

Xoxo K


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