DIY Project Challenge. 4 Projects in 1 Month!

Hello everyone!!
So today I woke up and, with the knowledge and excitement still flowing inside me from yesterday’s day trip to Dayton, OH. I decided that I was going to repurpose a few things that I’ve been packing away for the move!
So I created a challenge: Go on Pinterest and pick four projects you’ve been wanting to do. Three easy ones and a fourth more difficult one. Make a list of all supplies needed, save pictures of the tutorials and websites and complete all projects(even if it doesn’t turn out right) and post evidence of them on any social media sight (blogs included).
So I’ll show you mine 🙂
Painted Mason Jars/Vases


Apple Canvas Painting (For the kitchen)

End of the bed Bench with storage.






4.Worktable that folds into a picture frame.
Tutorial Here


For the first three projects I have a few of the supplies needed. So here’s my summarized list:
-canvas (any size)
-acrylic paint
-staple gun

Throughout this next month I will be periodically posting my progress😁

Hope you enjoyed!

Xoxo K


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