DIY Succulent Terrarium: First Attempt- Project 2☑️

Hello all!
So these past few days I’ve been looking into something called Terrariums. Which is somewhat of a mini indoor greenhouse:) So I decided to make it one of my projects. So project 2, Done! Out of all the posts I’ve seen about DIY Terrariums, this one is the best. The tips are helpful and she explains why you should do things. Ex.

“Tip#2 Don’t skip the charcoal step. It will keep your soil fresh.

Now, following her instructions, this is how mine turned out 🙂

I got the jar from Michaels for about $6, along with the black stones.
I got the Panta Plant (small one-$3) and the Rainbow Cactus ($5) from Meijer in the floral department along with the Cactus soil ($4). The active charcoal was harder to find as the only form they had it in was pill form($8). That was the most expensive thing though so that was okay. I also got a smaller jar and rocks from the dollar store (not pictured).
Step 1:Put stones in jar (about 1inch high, for drainage)

Step 2: Put charcoal on rocks. Now for this step, it got extremely tricky. The charcoal only came in capsule form so I had to break each capsule of pure charcoal powder. Needless to say it got messy. I used 9 capsules.



Step 3: Put in dirt. Now this step got messy and I didn’t want to touch my camera so here’s the finished product! I ended up using the other jar due to the plants not fitting together.


A big thanks to her and to the many other bloggers who have shared their knowledge.

Hope you enjoyed!

Xoxo K


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