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First Night in a new home! Pictures and tips!!

Hello all!
So this passed few weeks has been crazy! And just four days ago in particular my wonderful man and I took an impulse trip down to Ohio, where we will be living for 1.5-3 years, and we took a few boxes of miscellaneous items with us. The car ride from Michigan roughly takes 3-4 hours so it’s a bit of a hike.. Well, a 270 mile hike (lol). But nevertheless he tirelessly drives and we arrived at our home shortly before two in the morning. And instead of falling onto the floor where I made a makeshift bed for us, we decided to spend a few hours unpacking and organizing. Which worked extremely well and I’m glad we did it. Here are some pictures of what we have so far!

Here are our couches. Older, used, and with a strange color, are nonetheless comfortable couches. No odors so for starters, they’re perfect.



Our living room table, bigger than what the picture lets on. And the dining room table which is all too familiar with me. As it’s an exact replica of my beloved grandparents old table.



Here are some pics I snapped and edited of the outside!


Also, here’s a pic of my makeshift bed! In our bedroom of course:).

Our move in day is set for September 1st, which is only two days away! So exciting!

Here are some tips I picked up in the process of all this craziness:

Pack early!
The moment you find out, start going through and throwing out the stuff you no longer use, pack what you’re keeping and make a list of everything you still need. Packing early will reduce stress as the move in date arrives. You’ll have a lot to worry about when the day comes.

Do not pay for boxes!
There are plenty of places you can call and have them save you boxes throughout the day. Ask specifically for them to be broken down for you. Ex. Walmart, Kroger, CVS, McDonalds, etc..

Buy things you need for your new home in advance and never all at once!
Take your time looking for things to use in your home, make physical lists and determine what you can get later and what you need immediately. Look everywhere for the same thing, you will find the cheapest prices that way. And choose basic stuff for your first move out. You’ll have a job so you can save up for nicer things that last longer.

Measure your furniture!
Look up the measurements of your new home, or even go see it. And measure the walls and dimensions of the rooms. Plan in your head where everything will fit.

Save your money!
If you’re moving to a new city or state and you don’t have a job lined up for you for any reason. It happens, just save your money. Incorporate food, bills, and emergency expenses such as car damage, breaking something while moving, hurting yourself by accident, pets, toiletries, and if you forgotten get something you need. That way you’ll have the “wiggle room” to do that without losing out on something else of equal importance.

Do your research!
If you’re moving states or countries it is extremely important to do your research on where you will be living. Look up crime rates, school reviews, and laws to help determine how safe your area is. When you visit down there beforehand, ask strangers who live there, such as your neighbors, what it’s like to live down there and how things work. Get comfortable with the area and look around.

Always have a Plan B and Plan C
Your family may agree to helping you, but just in case you should always have a plan b. Save for a uhaul or other moving company to help you. You never know when someone might flake on you.

Moving is so stressful and the best thing you can do for yourself, your relationship (if you’re moving in with your girlfriend or boyfriend),
Hope you enjoyed!

Xoxo K


Smash Book 3, Completed! Onto book 4..

Hello all! So today, I finally finished me third smashbook/scrapbook. As stated in my previous post, they go in 6 month increments. This one looks like this 🙂



The outside I decorate lightly, just to give it some personality. And here’s a few pages from the inside.





I try to keep each page in chronological order and to only take up to two pages for each batch of photos. I take photos whenever he’ll let me (lol). Whether it be out to dinner or to the movies, our anniversary or having a lazy day. I try to capture as many good moments as possible without going overboard. I use double sided tape from the dollar store to tape my pictures to the pages. And, often times, I plan my pages using sticky notes. The prints themselves I get off of I get the 3.5×5 prints usually but if I post a picture of it on Instagram I get the 4×4 prints. Both of which are .29 each. Decorations I strictly use stickers, as other embellishes will cause the cover to bend dramatically (a mistake I made my first book). I also use washi tape to tape pictures together. And also I use leftover sticker wrappers as pockets for multiple pictures.

As for my fourth one, I’ve taken enough pictures this past month to continue onto the next. lol oops.. So I’ve chosen the Simple Orange SmashBook for my next one. See here:


I’ve already completed 8 pages in it!😃

Hope you enjoyed!

Xoxo K